Lauren M Weaver

123 Nowhere Lane

Lexington, KY 40508


December 2nd, 2014


Apartment Management

456 Noplace Avenue

Lexington, KY 40509


Representative of Apartment Management:


I am a tenant at the address provided above. On November 16th, 2014 I began a mold test kit which, within the incubation period indicated in the instructions for the test kit, returned positive results and thereby confirmed my suspicion that mold is present in the apartment. Immediately following this positive finding on November 19th, test results were reported to the office and emergency maintenance. The issue was addressed initially by emergency maintenance personnel. Action included cleaning of the drain in the bathtub and taking the positive mold test kit.


No update on the status of the situation has been received without prompting and appropriate action has not been taken to ensure an absence of mold from the apartment. Throughout, the seriousness of this situation and the medical knowledge that I have mold allergies have been stressed. Further, while certain molds have higher probabilities of toxicity, it is common and documented knowledge that mold has potential health risks for those exposed regardless of the mold type. Since the initial report to Flat Rock Realty, 13 (9 business) days have passed; I have requested but not received a plan of action for mold remediation.


Given the aforementioned information, let this be a letter be notification of intent to proceed as appropriate and legal in keeping with the following statues:

  • KRS 383.595 – Landlord’s maintenance obligations and agreements
  • KRS 383.625 – Noncompliance by landlord
  • KRS 383.635 – Remedies for noncompliance that affects health and safety


Please familiarize yourselves with these statutes and take action to have all mold, visible and non-visible, professionally removed within the next 14 days. Dates are to be based on receipt (by email) of this letter as of the date provided above.




Lauren M Weaver


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