In my personal practice yoga treats ailments, counteracts the stresses of exercise, brings motion to the body after a day of stagnancy, and encourages stillness in the mind.

As an instructor, I seek to help others find balance in themselves amidst the imbalance of life.  Employ breath and movement to heal from the cumulative effects of both exertion and stagnancy to emerge renewed. Relevant anatomical and kinesthetic tidbits are presented to inform your interpretation of your body and to aid your body in informing your mind.



Guiding others in practice is an honor and joy that enriches my life and other lives at

  • Lexington Healing Arts Academy (9-2015 to Current)
  • John’s Run/Walk Shop (4-2015 to 8-2015)
  • Miscellaneous Gatherings


A critical part of my style in facilitating a rich practice is understanding the body via:

  • Self Exploration (Always)
  • Curriculum Design and Instruction for a “Yoga and Weight Training” Series (Current)
  • Kinesthetic Instructor for a Multimodal Learning Study with the UK Anatomy Department (8-2016 to 10-2016)
  • Co-founder and Participant of an Anatomy Club of Multidisciplinary Professionals (10-2015 to Current)
  • Yoga Anatomy Independent Studies with UK Anatomy Department (Spring 2016)
  • Personal Studies (10-2014 to Current)
  • LHAA Yoga Teacher Training (10-2013 to 10-2014)



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