Louisville Sustainability Assessment

This senior year research project has two final products. The 3×5 poster was used to present the study at the 2011 Annual Meeting for the American Association of Geographers. The paper was submitted to UofL. Both are far to large to share in this portfolio but, if requested with due reason, I am glad to email you copies of either.


A Sustainability Assessment for the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area


The adverse effects of environmental and social decisions have been recognized and proven on an international scale.  The reaction has been the emergence of a Sustainability Movement which seeks to remedy past faults and prevent future problems.  One successful tool for assessment and decision making is the use of Ecological Footprint Accounts.This project seeks to (1) reveal components of the Sustainability Movement within Jefferson County, Kentucky, thereby demonstrating the practical application of a regional Ecological Footprint Account (EFA) for the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area and (2) initiate regional EFA calculation by calculating the biocapacity of the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area using the land types applied in EFA methods.  Tools used to complete this study include the spatial analysis abilities of ArcGIS 9.3 and the remote sensing data processing features of ENVI.  This study concludes that Louisville has a higher than average biocapacity and shows the necessity of the calculation of a complete Ecological Footprint Account.

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