Ethnicity, Income, and Crime

Asked to show ethnicity, income, and crime by census tract, I opted to show each factor on the same map in order to be able to observe correlations (not regressions!). Hoping to optimize the area inside of the tracts, I chose to use an areal photo for the background and then geocoded the address of crime incidents so clusters could be seen rather than just counted. Recognizing the advantage of graphs for comparison, I added 3 graphs along the bottom. The first graph shows the percent of the population of that identifies as Hispanic or Latino whereas the bars located in the tract show only those populations that do not identify as Hispanic or Latino. An important note is that crime is expressed by incidents (per the assignment requirements) but a better indicator would be crime rates per capita.

Click on the image below to enlarge.

Ethnicity, Income, and Crime

Ethnicity, Income, and Crime

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