Mural Map


Neat Speculo Video made by Matthew Hudgins featuring Moonshine:



Inspired by the many murals in Lexington, KY but discouraged by the inability to locate them and more details, I have created an online map to collect and share (and grow) specs. If you know of a mural that I haven’t captured, can supplement any of the missing content on the website, or notice any errors PLEASE send an email to For more details on this project, check out this poster created for the 2016 Esri International User ConferenceMuralMap_Poster



If you would like a hand in this project, shoot me an email. Specific things that could be awesome to pursue:

  • Website: Right now this is a story map with a prohibitively lengthy URL that has a cleaner link under my portfolio (here). Given how much this resource has grown, it really deserves it’s own home. I’m thinking Drupal CMS. Can you make this happen?
  • Searchable Information: Currently, I have a master spreadsheet with well-organized clean content. Can you turn it into searchable information?
  • Tour Maps: To make this more consumable, we need tour maps (pedestrian, cyclist, driver) that folks can use to guide exploration. Would any fellow geographers like to make some maps?
  • Pictures: This sight has many excellent photos (see Acknowledgements) and many not so excellent photos. If you have better photos, send my way. Specific photo needs are shown on this map.
  • Other Improvements: Have an idea?




Artists, thank you for feeding your creative talents and sharing them with us. Your work enriches our lives as we pass your art each day. It makes us think, helps us feel, reminds us to slow down, and inspires us.

Commissioners, including but not limited to LexArts and PRHBTN, without your support for the artists these works may have never been realized. Your backing and encouragement transforms art from something behind restrictive doors to that which is accessible to all and we all thank you for that.

Photographers, thank you for providing many high quality images to supplement the many less high quality phone camera pictures shown on this site. Special thanks to Nicole Nolan, Brandon Jett, and Chris Wright for your creative eyes and rich images. Regarding the lower quality photos, if you have better photos send them along!

Community Members, the content you placed online, the questions you answered, the walks you took with me, and the general interest expressed in this project has brought it to life. The feedback you have provided since the initial map publication has almost doubled the amount of mural info shown on the map. Keep using it, enjoying it, and growing it!








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